Monthly Wrap Up

March Wrap Up

These wrap ups come round so quick! This is a very delayed wrap up: March was a strange month that seemed to pass by in a bit of a blur to be honest. While I managed to read an entire trilogy, I seemed to spend most of March recovering from one book. Oh and in no way, shape or form did I stick to my planned TBR!

Books read:

  • They Both Die At The End – Adam Silvera
  • The Old Guard: Tales Through Time – Greg Rucka et al.
  • The Wolf of Oren-Yaro – K.S Villoso
  • The Ikessar Falcon – K.S Villoso
  • The Dragon of Jin-Sayeng – K.S Villoso

None of these books were on my 2022 TBR, which was a tiny bit frustrating, as my TBR for this year is getting rather long. Having said that, I did enjoy buddy reading The Ikessar Falcon with Asha over at A Cat, A Book and A Cup of Tea – the Chronicles of the Bitch Queen were part of her March Trilogy Tidy Up and while I hadn’t planned on reading the series in 2022, I decided to go ahead and read the entire trilogy anyway!

I spent a good portion of March recovering from They Both Die At The End. This was the first book I’d read by Adam Silvera and I didn’t quite expect how emotionally drained I would be after listening to it. I do have to say though, the audiobook narrators did a stellar job of telling Mateo’s and Rufus’ stories, so credit to them.

Goodreads / Storygraph reading challenges:

5 books in March means that I’m up 18 books out of 50, which isn’t too bad. I’m still on track to reach my target, so I’m happy :). I don’t think I’m going to change my target though; instead, I’m going to leave it at 50 and see how far I can surpass it.

I didn’t make any progress with my Hodderscape challenge this month, but again, I’m not too bothered – I’m expecting that to pick up over the summer months when most of the books on that list are released.

Other things:

As mentioned earlier, March wasn’t the best month in terms of sticking to my TBR or my reading goals in general. While I did manage to read one new author (Adam Silvera), I didn’t clear anything from my Kindle backlog, which means I’m going to try and clear a few more than planned in April.

I also didn’t clear my Illumicrate backlog, which is going to be fun when I eventually get round to doing that – I have 3 outstanding at the moment, with April’s on the way. It’s not a big deal, but I really want to get on top of that before I get overwhelmed with too many pretty books and not enough time to read them!

Overall, March was an odd month for reading. March was an odd month in general for me, but I made it through it all. At the time of writing this, April is already shaping up to be a good month, so please let that continue!

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